Licensing Requirements


Requirements for licensure as a real estate agent in SC

Age Individuals must be 18 to be licensed as a salesperson and 21 to be licensed as a broker.

Education A prospective licensee must be a high school graduate or hold a certificate of equivalency.

Sales license applicants - completion of a Commission-approved 60-hour Unit I Sales course along with a 30-hr Unit II Advanced Principles course.  Unit I focuses on the fundamentals and principles of real estate.  Unit II is an additional 30 hours of Commission-approved advanced education which consist of five 6-hour courses (PL 1-5 courses).  Within one year after passing the examination, the applicant must be sponsored by a broker-in-charge and apply for a sales license. 

For a broker license, completion of 150 hours, 90 hours which were required for the sales license, the 30-hour Unit IIIA Brokerage Management Course,and the 30-hour Unit IIIB Broker Examination Preparation Course.

Required real estate experience entails three years within the past five years with a salesman's license or evidence submitted to the Department of a Juris Doctor, Bachelor of Laws degree, or a baccalaureate degree with a major or a masters degree in real estate from an accredited college or university.

Experience There is no experience requirement for a sales examination. For a broker's examination the law requires three or more years of active licensure within the last five years preceding application. To receive recognition for out-of-state experience, the applicant must obtain a Certification of Licensure, including history, education, and disciplinary action from the real estate regulatory agency (commission, board, etc.) of all other states where the applicant is or has been licensed before applying for examination.

Examination Real estate examinations are scheduled Monday through Friday and when warranted on Saturdays in Beaufort, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, S.C., and in Charlotte, NC. PSI is the examination provider for the Commission and they publish a Candidate Information Bulletin for approved candidates for the real estate examinations. Candidates receive a link to this bulletin when they receive the examination eligibility letter from the Commission. Examinees must receive a passing score on both portions of the exam (general and state). Retesting may be scheduled with PSI if one or both portions are failed.

Miscellaneous Any applicant who has been convicted of a crime or sanctioned by any licensing agency or has adverse items on a credit report must reveal that fact on their application. The Commission may review the application and then conduct an investigation before an examination can be scheduled. This may result in a delay.

Fees Each applicant must pay the following fees:

1. Examination Fee - $63 General and State Portions, $55 for the State Portion Only

2. Sales - $35 (includes $10 for a credit report). After passing the examination, applicants must pay a license fee of $25 and to upgrade from provisional status, a fee of $25.

3. Broker - $35 (includes $10 for a credit report). After passing the examination, applicants must submit a separate two-year licensing fee of $250 for a broker-in-charge license or $125 for a broker license.

PERSONS LICENSED IN OTHER STATES All applicants (except residents of Georgia, and West Virginia) must meet the requirements outlined previously for residents as to age, education, and experience. An individual who, at the time of application resides and possesses an active real estate license in another state or jurisdiction or whose real estate license in another state or jurisdiction expired not more than six months before application is required to pass only the state portion of the examination to qualify for licensure. Applicants must also submit with the application a Certification of Licensure, including history, education, and disciplinary action from each state in which they possess a real estate license. Residents of Georgia and West Virginia who qualified in those two states must complete the reciprocal application and obtain a Certification of Licensing History.

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